after care & ongoing

hosting and maintenance

hosting your website on our state of the art, super-quick, secure servers gives your business the edge, while our maintenance package gives you peace of mind

Maintenance Plans and Hosting 


webPorty can host and maintain your existing website. There are three plans to choose from. We offer a range of services which you may require if your business is global or you require the highest levels of SSL or PCI Compliance. Ongoing retainer arrangements for search engine optimisation, social platforms and regular updates to the website are available.

These prices are for Wordpress websites and are dependent on an initial assessment. Talk to John to discuss the best solution for you. Speak to me too, if you just require hosting or maintenance for a bespoke solution.



* Hosting and maintenance can be paid monthly or annually. Annual costs are: lightweight £450pa, middleweight £680pa and heavyweight £2,100pa.

Additional support & services

Updating your website

It is so important to update your website to maintain good search engine rankings. webPorty can work on your existing website  on an hourly or monthly retainer basis.

Secure Socket Layer

Hosting comes with basic SSL (DV SSL) protection. If you require higher levels of SSL to protect your customers data or for PCI Compliance we can provide you with that, whether you require organisational (OV SSL)  or extended value SSL (EV SSL).

Search Engine Optimisation

webPorty can optimise you existing website, and engage in an SEO campaign for you according to your needs.


Talk to John about ensuring the security of your selling website. Our servers are PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and we can ensure you meet best industry standards. 

A faster website around the world

All of our servers are based in London in the UK. If your business is International we can tap in to a global network of over a thousand servers to optimise website delivery times globally using a content delivery network (CDN).

Your private IP address

An individual IP address is not usually required unless for stricter PCI Compliance or increase security if you are storing confidential information

Social Media

Working with your social content to create a buzz around your business while integrating social platforms into your website.