Content Management for your new website

Making it easy to keep your website up to date

We don't make static websites that you cannot change and update when you need to. We build websites with administration areas that are easy to use. Then we show you how to update the website, and support you in your efforts to keep the site updated. You are never alone and frustrated and wondering what to do next. And if you do make a mistake? At the click of a button restore your web page to a previous version.

We use a number of solutions for content management, including WordPress, Drupal and Squarespace. We use Woocommerce and Magento for your eCommerce website.

Will my new content management system be difficult to learn?

No. As long as you have basic Word skills, you will be up and running in no time. We provide training (usually only an hour or two is required), and a bespoke manual, giving you step by step instructions to help you. Email and telephone support are available during office hours.

Aren't these Content Management Systems vulnerable to hackers?

We secure our sites with strong passwords and firewalls. Your site is also monitored 24/7 for unusual activity. Unwelcome visitors are immediately and permanently blocked from accessing your site.

I already have a WordPress website. It is a mess. Can you take it over?

Yes. We offer an updating and appraisal service to bring your website to the latest and safest versions. We can work on your website to ensure it is secure and effective, whether it is WordPress, Drupal. Magento or any other CMS.

I heard these CMS websites are a nightmare to update. Is that true?

In the past these systems were hard to use, and not very reliable. Today, when they are set up and maintained properly, they are a joy to use, and an effective tool for your business.

Take a look at some of our websites to get an idea of what we can do for you.

What our customers say...

We are delighted with webPorty. John created a new website for us and gave us a step by step guide. It is designed to be flexible so we can update...

Jenny Allison
Jenny Allison

webPorty has helped me out with the redesign and SEO of my Squarespace website. After an initial chat-through of what I was wanting to achieve, John completely understood and went...

Marc Millar Photography
Marc Millar Photography

I am not computer literate and the prospect of thinking about starting the website process and then updating it was incredibly daunting. John made the whole process smooth and painless....

Take control of your website

The big advantage of a content managed website, is that you can update it yourself, and respond quickly to changing business circumstances. You can do this in-house, without costly web developer hours.

webPorty can help you with all aspects of implementing and maintaining your Content Management System.

Our support and training services range ensure you can use your website effectively and keep it regularly updated.

With daily back ups and security checks, and monthly version updates, you can be confident that your website will work hard for you.